Junior Academy

Why Crown Golf Junior Academy?

Crown Golf Junior Academy

The Junior Academy is a nine-month residential program that provides a world class golf experience for junior golfers. The goal of the program is to provide each student with the skill set necessary to reach their full potential as golfers.  The program focuses on developing each student in all four areas of the game:  Technical, Mental, Physical, and Strategic.

*Due to the level of individualized attention given each student, enrollment in this program is limited to 12 junior golfers.

Crown Golf is predicated on the development of the student golfer as a well-balanced athlete, a sportsperson, and a budding professional. Any of the great players of this game will tell you that there is so much more to golfing well – especially golfing well in tournament play – than simply striking the ball. This is why we focus equally on the technique necessary to make that consistent stroke and make shots like a pro, the mental focus and toughness required to fight through injury, adversity or a critical hole under pressure, the physical fitness needed for a player to stretch to their potential, stay healthy and continue playing without injury, and finally the strategic capability expressed by the sports’ top practitioners that encompasses club selection, course management and working through a myriad of other factors.

Crown Golf Junior Academy is designed to give each player an opportunity to maximize their potential.  Students will receive world-class golf instruction as well as athletic development and mental coaching.  In other words, the Junior Academy equips young players with all of the tools needed to maximize their golf potential.  The program creates an individualized developmental pathway for each player.  The Crown Golf culture will teach the players to become independent-thinking golfers who work hard, know the rules, and play the game with honesty and integrity.  Our players excel at shooting low scores, managing their time, and practicing effectively. 

Invest in Your Kid’s Future

Crown Golf Junior Academy


Residential $60,895
Commuter $39,875
Semester $34,245


Crown Golf Academy students will attend Spring Creek Academy or, if preferred by a student and their guardians, may home school while participating in programs at Crown Golf.  Spring Creek Academy has a distinguished tradition and has earned its place among the leading private schools in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.  Spring Creek Academy is a private school for gifted and talented students who seek an alternative to the traditional school schedule and require smaller class sizes and a flexible class schedule that allows them to pursue competitive extracurricular activities.

Spring Creek Academy is a fully accredited private school for children grades K through 12 and is chartered by the Texas Alliance of Private Schools and the Texas Education Agency.  All faculty members are highly experienced, fully credentialed, dedicated professionals.  For more information about their kindergarten, elementary, secondary or high school programs or to schedule a tour, please call (972) 517-6739 or email them.  We encourage prospective students and their parents to request an information packet from Spring Creek Academy and browse their website for more details on the school and its programs.

Spring Creek Academy

6000 Custer Road, Building 5
Plano, TX (USA) 75023
Tel: (972) 517-6739
Fax: (972) 571-8750
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://springcreekacademy.com/


The students reside in houses located near the Texas Rangers Golf Club. House parents (adults) live with the students. All houses are fully furnished with furniture, fixtures, washer/dryer, cable TV, and internet. Maids will help keep the houses clean.

Mental Training

Mental Management Systems will oversee the mental component of the Crown Golf Junior Academy program. Mental Management is “the process of improving the probability of having a consistent mental performance under pressure, on demand.”

This program was founded by Lanny Bassham, who used his own program to win an Olympic Gold Medal in 1976 in International Rifle Shooting. Mental Management Systems clients have included PGA and LPGA TOUR players, members of the US Secret Service, US Navy Seals, the US Marine Corps Marksmanship Unit, Miss USA winners, World and Olympic Champions, and many others.

Junior Academy members will meet with Mental Management Systems weekly and will be given a Performance Journal to log their progress.


Athletic Development – Students will utilize biomechanics experts, physical therapists, strength/conditioning coaches, and masseuses to develop stability, mobility, strength, speed, and endurance while preventing injury.

Golf Performance

Best in Class facilities!
The students will have access to the Crown Golf Performance Center, Texas Rangers Golf Club, and the associated practice facilities. Crown Golf Performance Center has JC Video Analysis software, one Trackman unit, Physical Therapy, and many other training tools to facilitate performance.

World Class team!
The Crown Golf team includes award-winning teachers, a PGA Champion, an Olympic Gold Medalist, golf biomechanics experts, a skilled athletic developmental team, and a staff that is dedicated to helping each player reach their full potential.

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