This elite program is designed to help serious players improve all areas of their game.  The school is designed to help players improve their technical and mental skills necessary to help shoot lower scores.  As with all of the Crown Golf golf schools, The student will spend each day improving their abilities with the driver, irons, and wedges as well as learning fundamental techniques in chipping, pitching, putting, and bunker play.  Our Crown Golf School students will also play the course with the instructor to develop better on-course strategy and mental toughness from some of the most skilled professionals in the game.  The physical aspects of the student’s play will also evaluated by a performance coach.  After the evaluation, the student will receive a corrective exercise program to improve their body for golf.  The school will include a detailed examination of video to provide diagnosis and an improvement plan for each student.  Other diagnostic tools such as 3D systems, launch monitors, or force plates may also be used.